Second Chance

One way or another you will look back from 2023-2024 and will remember this post. Please read on.  

From December 8, 2019 through January 15, 2021 Blue Line Trading (a/k/a Allantrends) opened and closed its most profitable stock and option trade in our history. Our Tesla shares made 1,080% and our longer term LEAPS option trade made 10,150%. At the end of this letter is an attached screen shot from our January 18, 2021 Premium Subscriber Update, recapping these two long-term real time, real money trades. I’m writing because TSLA is setting up to do it again, and it may already have begun. 

One of two scenarios is about to unfold:

(1) Tesla (TSLA) is entering a multi-year Wave 3 up (see chart below), taking the stock to new highs well above its all time high of $900 on January 25, 2021. My target is $1,200 within the next 12 months and $2,400 in the following 12 months. I’ve been filling in the details in our subscriber updates using both fundamental and technical analysis that point to Tesla becoming highest market capitalization company in the world, surpassing Apple which currently is #1 with a value of $2.2 trillion. Tesla is currently $650 billion. That’s almost a 4X increase in the immediate years ahead. 

(2) The alternate scenario is that the long-awaited bear market is triggered, likely out of the blue (i.e., “the crash”), that takes the market down by 25-40% and does so in a very short period of time, six months or less. In this scenario massive gains realized from recommended index puts during the decline can be used to underwrite new Long positions for TSLA’s postponed run, an even larger gift from the market Gods. While market indices are in the throes of a bear market, TSLA will become the bellwether stock that emerges to lead the market out of the bear’s rubble

Either way we are looking at a minimum of 10X returns with simple Buy & Hold LEAP options.  If the market meltdown occurs first, TSLA’s third wave higher will be temporarily postponed, while long term DIA and SPY puts will take over to produce those 10X returns. In other words, 10X returns out of one and likely both of these scenarios.

The Trading Service - Update

We have simplified our methodology while raising our goals, evolving from incremental gains on multiple individual trades to obscene profits from just a few longer term positions. Try my paid subscription the service now if only to take advantage of the TSLA/Index Puts pair trade, as simple and as potentially rewarding a trade as I have ever recommended. If you want to trade more often we identify shorter-term opportunities in our PRO Service, but for the big winner in TSLA and/or the vicious bear market, our reasonably priced Premium Service will do just fine

Why sign-up now when I’ve just given away the family jewels? Because you get what you pay for and investor psychology is such that the only way you are going to take these trades is if you have some skin in the game, i.e., a monthly subscription for motivation, for monitoring the strategy and dealing with any bumps in the road. 

Warmest regards,

Allan Harris

CEO, Chief Strategist and Head Writer - Blue Line Trading Service, a/k/a AllanTrends. 



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