Replay: Momentous Year Ahead

Here is a replay of a post sent out to Blue Line Classic subscribers on February 24, 2018:


Traffic signs come in all shapes and sizes and are put on federal, state and local highways and streets to warn drivers of road conditions ahead (and photo radar traps). There are regulatory signs (stop, speed Limits, divided highways), warning signs  (curve in road, R/R Crossing, intersections) marker signs (highway numbers, advance turn arrows, ALT routes) and 20+ other categories, and within those dozens of warnings and informational permutations. For our immediate purposes there is only one sign:

Momentous Year Ahead

In over 40 years of trading, 25 of trading options and almost 10 years of trading trends with highly leveraged options, the number of real opportunities for significant gains come far and few between. But when they do come it is imperative that they be capitalized upon, seized upon, exploited to the max, that is where the real money is made, a few golden opportunities per time frame. Coming up in the months ahead will be an opportunity like no other we have seen since the start of this service. Example: One of the accounts I manage was up over 70% in its short-term trading portfolio in only ten trading days. 

How can I be so sure? 

Because the decline from January 29th to February 9th, a decline of 12.4% in just 10 trading days, was a dynamic and game changing mini-crash off from all time record price and all time record sentiment levels, a combination of such we have not seen since the beginning of this service in January 2010, and maybe even for a decade before that. 

In the months ahead I expect that we will all be disappointed with just double digit returns per trade, that we will become so accustomed to triple digit gains we will consider anything less than that a loss. We are human, we are greedy and when we smell blood in the market, we will become ravenous for exceptional gains. And we will be fed. 

Why the pep talk?

Because while we are mired in a tedious retracement to work off the excesses of said 10 day smash down, the frustration builds with each new day that the market doesn't crash 5%, or more. I have never been so certain that is exactly what lays ahead for us in 2018. 

Yea, but the market was up 350 points on Friday.

Geez, it's like you're not even listening. 

What about bitcoin?

Ditto. I just don't know in which direction, although by the same analysis's above, a valuation going from $2,000 to $20,000 in six months, we could be in a the same sort of tedious retracement before the next leg forward. Remember, at its peak bitcoin had its cheerleader, but they were far outnumbered by the institutional and media screamers that were warning bitcoin and its brethren cryptocurrencies were all but worthless, in a classic bubble. There was extreme sentiment on both sides of that bull/bear ledger. 


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