Profiting from bad news, does that make us complicit? Does that make us bad people?

Profiting from bad news, does that make us complicit?

Does that make us bad people?

No, that makes us traders on the right side of a trend.

And this is what we do:

February 8, 2018:

"Let me make it simple and straight forward as possible. We are on the cusp of a bearish event in the stock market, one we have been waiting for since the market went parabolic last year. For the first time in the history of Blue Line Trading, EVERY one our stock models in BOTH trading services is in SHORT mode. We own puts and inverse bearish ETF's on each and every one of them. We would not be posting and sending this out unless we thought that we were at the BEGINNING of this bearish market event, not the MIDDLE and certainly not the END.

March 18, 2018:

Short Facebook (FB): The stock found support in October of last year just above $160. It's trading now at $185 and is at the beginning of a fresh trend lower. We think its going at least back to the $160 level. The July $185 puts are trading between $10-$11. THAT'S THE BET. They should be up at least 100% before July expiration...and maybe a lot more.

The Result

The Dow is now 1,000 points lower than it was at that February 8th warning post, 3,000 points below its late January highs, while FB closed Friday at $159.35. The recommended July $185 put has risen from $10 to $28.

March 14-15, 2018

In this weekend's update to our Blue Line Classic subscribers we pinpoint the  key Dow and S&P levels that if broken will ignite further carnage on the down side. All of our recommended trades from earlier March and February are just beginning what should be historical runs. Every one of them is still a "Buy."  

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