Performance Update: August 27, 2018

It's been almost two months since I sent out the last performance update for the new option trading system that we introduced in mid-May. Over the past four weeks the system has been on a tear with 9 out of 17 trades hitting  +100% levels, 12 out of 17 have been up over 75% and 13 out of 17 reaching +50%. There are at least three weeks to go in each of these trades, so those numbers are very likely to go up. 

I continue to trade this system as my sole option strategy in my personal and retirement accounts, as well as in my hedge fund. That is a testament to my confidence in this new technique for trading intermediate term trends with at-the-money next month options. With the big picture deteriorating with every new high (and yes, that narrative is still in tact) this system is in place and ready to exploit the first bear market since the financial crash of 2008. If my premise is right, the returns seen in just the past two months will pale in comparison to what is coming. If I am wrong and the bull market continues into the fall these returns are impressive in and of themselves. In other words, bull or bear, this system will thrive.