October: Pedal The The Metal


Pedal To The Metal takes it cue from the charts and tables below.

This first chart courtesy Elliott Wave International:

And this chart, courtesy of the 4-year Presidential Cycle:

The downside potential is enormous as illustrated by this trade in our PRO short-term service from last Monday:

And in this trade from Thursday in our Premium Intermediate term service:

Last October the Dow fell 3,000 points in 30 days, and then another 2,000 points into the end of the year. 

The ROKU and NFLX trades above are just a hint of what is to come should seasonality assert itself again this year. October has a reputation for being "The Crash Month" - and for good reason. 

50% off our first month in the PRO service means for about the price of a cup of Starbucks each morning for a month you could be getting a series of seasonal trades to the downside any one of which could make your trading year. After your first month cancel, no further obligation.

There's only one October per year and based on the 160 point decline from Friday's DJIA high into the close, October may be coming 10 days early this year.