Our Three Best Trading Stocks


The Blue Line PRO service trades from a basket of about 35 stocks, but not all the stocks trade equally as well. These have been our three most consistently profitable and reliable trading stocks, big name stocks highly liquid options, easy to enter and just as easy to exit. 

The table below documents the past six months (ending 10.31) of signals and the trade results using our 50/30 trailing stop trade management strategy.  There is noting hypothetical about these results, all trades were sent out in real time and exited according to a three-rule based exit strategy. 

Eighteen trades in just three stocks over six months. That's about 3.5 trades a month and as set out above, on average about 75% return per trade. There is no guarantee that these will continue to perform as well going forward, but we are still offering the next 90 days at half price to find out. Use coupon code above when singing up.