2022 In 2022: My Year-End Message To Subscribers

The week/month/year are coming to a close with the expected quiet low volume trading. Next week will bring a more tradable market with the new year. Accordingly, this could be my final post this week/year, and if so, my best wishes for a happy, healthy, prosperous New Year. 

But first, this brief note on Tesla:

Shares were up about 50% in 2021, after about a 1,000% performance in 2020. Within that 50% was a 100% rally from May through November. The past month has seen it retrace almost an exact 50% of that rally, which should be a sufficient consolidation for the next leg forward, into the $1,800-$2,200 Fib window by the end of the new year. For intermediate term traders/investors it's basically a buy and hold strategy for both shares and longer-term calls. Additionally, there should be at least two, maybe more, intermediate term opportunities ahead in 2022 for trades targeting several hundred percent on nearer term calls, and/or rolling over calls already being held at a huge profit from previous buys. Apart from the buy and holds gains, it only takes one or two of these interim trades to make paying attention to my ongoing monitoring of TSLA price patterns worth the time, effort and cost of following along.  

A toast to TSLA in 2022; may share price reach the year, the sooner the better. 

Best to all,