Post of the Week: TSLA

This TSLA update was sent out to our Premium Service on Thursday. It covers the 3rd qtr earnings report due next week, price projections based upon pattern recognition analysis and an extremely attractive option play going into 2022 whether there is a, "beat the numbers," rally or not.





The 3rd Qtr earnings call will be after the close of trading on October 20th (next Wednesday). Price volatility expected. When things settle down, this chart will become more meaningful. 

There is a lot of speculation that a good report will send price to test the $900 all time high. The Fib projection tool says price will cut through $900 like a hot knife through butter to reach our end-of-year price target of $1,000...and then some. If so, new price target becomes $1,400 by March.

The March 18th (2022) $1,200 calls are trading today at $9.50 ($950). At $1,400 those calls are worth $200 ($20,000). 

Back to reality, $1,000 would still be decent gain for 2+ months, but earnings can, at least temporarily, humble even the most unwavering bull. Longer term, my target is $1,500 to $2,000 by the end of 2022, no matter what happens on the 20th. The next higher target on the Fib tool (not shown) is $1,850...close enough.