Last Call

Last call in this case has a double meaning:

(1) Last weekend of our 99% discounted first month promotion, and, 

(2) Last opportunity to position for a Wave 3 down at multiple degrees of trend. 

Make no mistake, that this is the last weekend of dual opportunities is not a coincidence, as it was always my intention to end the discount once the market collapse began in earnest. Thank you Silicon Valley Bank. 

From Elliott Wave International

An almost perfect six-month three-wave corrective retracement which will be followed by a Wave 3 collapse. For anyone interested in a more intensive Elliott Wave experience, more learning than trading, EWI is offering 10 days of free access to select content.  This link will get you there: Free Pass To A Changed World.

Trading Opportunties

In this weekend's Blue Line Premium Update I provided examples of phenomenal gains in our volatility plays, VIX and VIX March calls.  

The March 22nd $25 call was at $0.23 on March 5th, then traded as high as $4.15 this past Friday. That is just the beginning. In the Update I identified an April VIX call from which I expect even greater potential. Also recommended was a QQQ Put that is poised to make up lost ground as that month multi-month long ABC Wave 2 rally has come to an end. 

Other Opportunities Abound

SCHW - Fresh Trend Model Sell Signal. That is not normal price action. Who knows what? 

SMH - Why semiconductors? 

Bitcoin - Canary in the coal mine.

Last Call