Introducing Blue Line PRO

Blue Line Trading is offering a new options trading service, Blue Line PRO. We have taken our pattern recognition methodology to a new and extraordinary level by applying it to hourly price bars and shorter term weekly option expirations and have created a monster. 
Subscriber feedback after day #3 of the new system:
"I have paid for the first year of your service and then some on the trades I have closed." - C.W. 
Looking at those trades, I know exactly what he meant. Kudos to C.W. for having the confidence to take those new trades. And kudos to another subscriber, C.K. for initially asking that I take a look at applying my pattern recognition system at hourly price bars with weekly expirations. Finally, kudos to me for realizing the outstanding value of trend following on this shorter time frame and applying our calculated trend signals to nearby options with minimal time premium, where it just takes a small move in price to produce a significant option return in a matter of days. 
In the spirit of, "you get that you pay for," this is the most expensive service that we have ever offered:$249/month. It is also the best service we have ever offered and as one of our subscribers has put it, "It really doesn't matter what you charge for it, whatever it takes, just keep those signals coming."
Sign up here: Blue Line Trading PRO


Sign-up before Monday midnight (PDT) and your subscription rate is discounted to: $199/mo
Second, use this coupon code for 50% off first month: GOPRO@50%
This Memorial Day Weekend Special Expires Monday May 27th @ Midnight (PDT) 
Afterwards: $249/mo for Exceptional Option Trading (No Trials, No Discounts)