Head's Up: Parts I and II


Heads-Up Part I

First of all, if you have been on the fence about subscribing to Blue Line Trading you should know we are raising our monthly subscription fee from $59 to $79, as of January 1st. You can lock in the $59 by signing up before midnight December 31st. 

Heads-Up Part II

Dow Up 1,086 Points

Show me on this chart where the DOW is up 1,086 points today (Wednesday). The market is bleeding so much red that even a one-thousand point rally is but a candle in the wind:


Below is a chart of TZA, our favorite ETF for trading the bear market. Note how well our Buy Signals for TZA (accompanied by Sells on the Dow, Nasdaq and Russell) have done in just six weeks...and still so even after the 1,086 point rally. 


Remember, five days and we are going from $59/mo to $79/mo.
Because we've earned it: