Trading Gold (GLD)


Gold ETF (GLD)

The short term service shorted Gold yesterday and was rewarded with a +65% win right out of the gate this morning. Gold looks to have put in an Intermediate Term top and I expect numerous short and intermediate term trading opportunities in Gold and Precious Metals into the Spring and Summer. I've posted the May 1st and May 2nd Alerts below.

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 From Blue Line Trading Premium Service: May 1st:

GLD has triggered Short on the 180 minute short-term price frame. We are recommending the Jun $120 put @ $1.00 or less. The $119 puts at $0.65 also look intriguing. 



 From Blue Line Trading Premium Service: May 2nd

GLD gapped down almost $1.00 at the open, sending yesterday's recommended puts well over their 35% profit taking threshold whether trading the June $120 or $119 puts. Maximum Gain so far on the $120's has been +68%, while on the $119's +75%. Had we chosen monthly May expiration, both positions would have tripled. Had we chosen the weekly expiration for May 3rd (tomorrow), the returns would have been ludicrous. 

There are so many variables that go into every option position that it is impossible to get them all perfect on every trade. In this case of GLD's Sell Signal of yesterday morning, take your gains, leave some on table as a "lottery ticket," and move on to the next trade. Don't do what I just did, look back to see how the trade could have made even more money.