Get On the Bus


Here is the peak performance analysis for the UVXY trade discussed last weekend in the All Allan complementary newsletter:

As with the original analysis I am using highest price to evaluate the trade as there is a lot of room in a four-day 99% gain to manage your own way to banking a respectable amount of the potential profit. In the Blue Line trading service we use alternative profit taking strategies, from taking all off at +35%, to some off at +35% to keeping all on at +35%, while using trailing stops to exit positions should enough of peak profit erode.

Such was the case in this particular UVXY trade. Trade management is as important as the signal itself in maximizing returns. We don't pretend to know the ideal combination of aggression and protection when it comes to managing these trades, but we do understand how critical it is in determining "in the bank" performance. 

Bottom Line: The UVXY "Stochastic Trader" detailed last weekend has generated another winning trade, this just one bid-ask tick away from reaching triple digit territory.  Look at the UVXY Performance chart that was included in Time To Go Long Volatility from last weekend and tack it on the end of the string of consistently successful UVXY short-term predictions.  A subscription to ether one of our services, Premium or Pro, guarantees access to these signals as they will not always be posted for free (I'm not an idiot).  Taking just these trades, that trigger 5-7 times a year, covers your subscription to either service many times over.

"You're either on the bus, or off the bus"
-Tom Wolfe, The Electric Acid Kool-Aid Test