Get Ready, It's Coming

The next big thing in the stock market.

Get ready: It's Coming 

The Next Big Thing 

Another View

TSLA - 2024-2025

We trade TSLA independent of our view of the big picture stock market cycles. It served us quite well in 2019-2022 as our TSLA calls were up as high as 10,500%, although we were anticipating a major top, then downturn in the market. That finally came in 2021-2022, but we had already had massive call option gains as TSLA shares soared 1000%. 

The chart above sets our longer term EW pattern recognition forecast which is anticipating a new leg up with key levels in the color shaded Fibonacci extension tool. The initial thrust higher will be provided by what is labeled, "The Cybertruck effect" and is anticipated to affect prices early in 2024, but carrying shares to all time highs above $500 before year-end. While all this unfolds, quarterly option expirations will be providing compelling profit opportunities for those watching patiently while the streets of America start filling up with this transformational new electric vehicle and what that means for TSLA's market cap in 2024, 2025 and all the way to 2030. 

Our Big Picture macro view also calls for a Wave 3, just in a different direction. These opposing Wave 3's are unlikely to unfold simultaneously, meaning nimble traders following our set-ups and pattern recognition key level signals, could profit both ways, only at different times. 

The only thing we know for sure, is that there are 2 million preorders for Cybertruck...and the lines are already forming. Get ready, it's coming.