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The Next Ten Weeks

The first half of 2022 was the start of a bear market and the "Best Gains" generated on recommended options were staggering. Best gains measured the unrealized profit from the entry price to the highest price achieved by that option prior to expiration. The message of the first half of trading in 2022 is that there was a lot of money to be made playing the first wave down of a new bear market. The tables below document UNREALIZED PROFITS FROM OUR TRADING SIGNALS AT THEIR MAXIMUMThe next wave, the one that will unfold over the next ten weeks, should offer even better potential gains. It is a Wave 3 Down and minimum expectation is for gains to be amplified by a ratio of 1.62X, or better (see column, "Wave 3 Projected"). How much of those gains will be realized and used to fund the next round of trading is up to individual trade management and that's where a little help from a service like us can go a long way. 

Blue Line Premium Service - YTD Recommended Options: Best Levels

Blue Line PRO Service - YTD Recommended Options: Best Levels


September - October  Low


The next ten weeks takes us to October 21, 2022, the monthly options expiration and the best candidate for the low of the year. Although Sep 16th is a strong second place for that honor, cutting this Wave 2 a little more slack to the upside reduces risk tremendously. As the charts below illustrate, the most likely maximum levels for a 61.8% Wave 2 retracement is just above current levels.

Game Plan

There is very little guessing that needs to be done now, because whether the Dow can rise another few hundred points or not before falling 5,000-8,000, is of little consequence. All market indices are now close enough to the top of their reversal zones to turn the odds heavily on the reward side of the risk:reward model. We will await our signals for new entries and begin our campaign to replicate and/or expand the returns seen in the first half of the year as the market indices drop in their own personal Wave 3 Downs From Hell. Note also that some of the very best, "maximum returns," came from just a handful of volatility calls purchased along the way. We are very cognizant of this opportunity while we monitor conditions waiting for Wave 3 to unfold. When those trades (VXX/UVXY) start coming, batten down the hatches, 

Updated Intermediate Term Charts - Unequivocal Topping Patterns Across The Board

 Tesla (TSLA)

Stock Split

On August 5, 2022, Tesla’s board of directors in Austin, Texas, approved and declared a 3-for-1 split of Tesla’s common stock. The stock split will be in the form of a stock dividend to make stock ownership more accessible to employees and investors.

Each shareholder on the company’s record as of August 17, 2022, will get 2 additional shares of common stock for every one share held. The additional shares will be credited to the shareholder account after the close of trading on August 24, 2022.

TSLA Intermediate Term Options

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PRO Service


The 5:1 stock split effective Sep 1st 2020 resulted in an almost doubling of share price into January 2021. There is no reason to expect a similar fate this time, nor a worse fate, nor a better fate. But, if it were to double from its current $900 stock price, those $1200 call options will be $600 in the money, making their intrinsic value $60,000 each. Not that I'm counting. 

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