"Gamer Changer" - Our Tesla Trades

 Blue Line Premium: Open Trades Dec 19th


Game Changer: Our Tesla Trades

On Dec 9th this free newsletter announced that I had three days earlier identified the Blue Line Trading "2020 Stock of The Year." That stock is Tesla (TSLA) and since Dec 7th we have had three distinct Buy Signals on the stock: Long Term (Dec 7th), Intermediate Term (Dec 9th) and Short-Term (Dec 16th). The Intermediate Term calls are up 300%, the Short Term calls +100% and the Long Term calls +90%. To those on our free newsletter distribution list who took action to try a 1/2 price trial to the newsletter (for as low as $49.50) and acted on any of the TSLA call recommendations, they received one heck of a bang for their buck. 

To anyone who is interested in riding the Tesla trades in 2020, there will be more strategic entry signals, there always have been as TSLA is one of our most consistent trend models. In addition and because the stock is up close to $100 from the original Dec 7th recommendation, the $420 calls cited below will soon be rolled over to an out-of-the-money strike. Those offer the best leverage for a runner like this. A subscription now, just for the coming additional TSLA trades in the months ahead, is as highly recommended as the original Dec 7 2019 Tesla Buy. 


From Blue Line Trading Weekend Update: Dec 7, 2019:

Long-Term TSLA Buy Signal:
TSLA Jan 2021 $420 Call ($35 = $3,500) 
Stop: None



From the Dec 7th recommendation:

At a share price of $335, with a market cap on $60B, TSLA is embarking upon a multi-year exponential surge in value. Although it is already one of my three top non-biotech stock picks (AAPL and TWLO the other two), it now has virtually unlimited price appreciation potential, so even if you already own shares, it’s time increase exposure on the long side. Tesla’s future is that dynamic, its star shining that brightly, the reward side of the risk:reward equation that substantial.

One of the smartest kids on the block is Catherine Wood, CEO of ARK Invest. She is also one of Tesla’s most ardent supporters. In the linked article below she is projecting a $6,000 price target (well below Ron Baron’s $10,000 target). She is accumulating the January 2021 $420 Calls and I have to believe with all of the resources and metrics available to ARK Invest that she didn’t just randomly pick that strike and expiration. Let’s ride her coattails on this one, after all, she did buy AMZN $857 billion dollars of market cap ago:
 “It was at like a $5-billion market cap. We bought it there and I announced our trade at the weekly general session. People literally laughed.”  - C. Wood

From Dec 19th Blue Line PRO morning update: 

TSLA Update

The TSLA calls from the short-term Buy Signal on Monday hit the +100% level this morning, while the Intermediate Term calls from Dec 9th are knocking on the +300% door. The stock is clearly on a run. How high? 
There will be more Buy signals coming in 2020, likely after every dip or even sideways trend along the way to a four-figure stock price. If you missed any of the three Buys this month, Long Term (Dec 7), Intermediate Term (Dec 9), Short Term (Dec 26), don't miss the next one. Over the long term, strategic entries won't matter, as long as you are holding TSLA and/or its calls at some point, and don't let go.