Game Changer


Over the weekend I posted my stock of the year for 2020 to all Blue Line paid subscribers. I also recommended a long term option and pointed the reason why I chose this particular strike and expiration. On Monday night someone posted a YouTube video on the the stock, pointing out the reasons why this stock has such exceptional price appreciation potential. I happened to stumble onto the video just after it was posted on a simple search of the stock's name and the "posted in the last hour" YouTube filter. . At the time only a few hundred people had seen it. Thirty minutes later the count is up to 2,000. The best Tesla videos have views in the millions. If this one were to get the high, it could propel the stock in and of itself. The author of the video has only posted 4 videos, one of which garnered over 500,000 views...all four have been about this one stock. 

On top of all that, below is a weekly chart and as you can see, the stock has been running since July (I left off the price of the stock on purpose). For a one month subscription to either of our two services, both currently discounted by 50% for 90- days, you will learn the name of this stock, read why I am so excited about it, and get a link to the YouTube video which quite honestly does a better job making the case for the stock than I did in the Weekend Update. Sigh.....

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