Did You Miss Any of These 5 TSLA Option Trades?

Ranging from a "Best Return" high of +852%, to a current returns no lower +95%, it's been a stellar 90 days for Blue Line TSLA option trading.

Below are the five most recent TSLA trades in Blue Line Trading's PRO and Premium Trading Services. If you subscribed to the PRO (blue font)  and/or Premium (black font) these trades were impossible to miss as yours truly was pounding the table virtually EVERY DAY surrounding the entries LONG as TSLA just about doubled in price during the months of May and June. TSLA is a generational opportunity, whether buying the shares, LEAPS, or shorter-term oriented calls. We would change our name to "Tesla Trading" but you know how would sue us, or, minimum, challenge us to a cage death match. But I digress. 

At Blue Line we don't just trade TSLA, and in fact on Friday's close of trading a major ETF triggered an Intermediate Term Sell Signal.  If it is joined by other indices next week, we could see some of those "Best Returns" levels reached in new option trades over the first few weeks of July. Nonetheless, even if we don't get add-on Sell Signals, TSLA is correcting meaning we are in take profits mode up on already multi-hundred percent gains. As our subscribers are well aware after Saturday's Weekend Update, geopolitical events may be setting up not only for a short and sweet dip in the first few weeks of July.  Note as well in this chart that follows, a retracement zone for TSLA should the big picture turn temporarily bearish. Whether those Fib levels are hit or not, new Buy's for TSLA are coming this summer, from lower or even higher prices it won't matter. TSLA will be at a new all time high, above $414.50, later this summer or fall and once at new all time highs, our projections into 2024-2025 are double those levels.

I've been on the TSLA bandwagon since my first 2016 Model S, through my 2018 Model 3 and now my current 2022 Model Y. What's next? For me, a Cybertruck reservation due for delivery sometime next year, for the stock, a $3-5 Trillion valuation and for TSLA option traders, exponential returns over the next 3-5 years following a systematic price pattern trading methodology in both our Blue Line Premium and Blue Line PRO Trading Services. 

Blue Line Trading PRO Service: Our aggressive shorter-term trading service:

The table embedded on the TSLA 240 minute chart is from our PRO Service TSLA positions. The most recent Buy was May 5th. Would you like to know when we deem it opportunistic to Buy calls next?