Dead Cat Bounce


This is my latest video and comments on the market. Of special note is the chart on the right, it is our 180 minute short-term trading chart and we have just introduced a new "Premium" trading serviced based on these shorter-term charts. 

So, what are these free blogs coming into your mail boxes almost every week? I'm doing two things here, first, I try to provide some valuable content so that reading them (or in they case viewing a video) is worth your while. Secondly, I'm providing a taste of what we do at Blue Line Trading hoping to interest you in taking a flyer with a trial subscription, $59/mo for the Standard Service and $99/mo for the Premium Service (see below). 

That's the trade off, I give you some meaningful content, you get a very soft pedaled pitch to join our service. Win-win. 

Soft Pedal Pitch: The Return of Shorter-Term Trading 

We are reviving the Short-Term trading service, using 180 minute price bars for trigging trades into shorter-term option expirations. These trades comes about twice as fast as the Standard Service trades, and exit in about half of the time. There was a demand for more action and we had the tools do execute, so we have begun the Blue Line Premium Service.  It's a little more action for a very little more money than our daily service, but using the identical trading strategy, jumping into the bigger trend as soon as the counter-trend exhausts itself. It's priced at $99, but consistent with this blog's "win-win" policy, here is a link for 1/2 ff first month: Link


Beginning of the End? 

I have been posting on the Internet since 2004. The first six years the blog was free and covered all things stock market as well as all things personal. By the end of 2009 the "all things stock market" sort of took over and as we started trading a proprietary trend following trading system.

That system started taking up so much of my time, it turned in to a business and I began charging a modest sum to trade the system. That system has evolved over the years and took a serious right turn mid-2018 in anticipation of a multi-year bear market. We are finally here. 

This bear market will be my swan song, I intend to make a lot of money trading it for myself, my subscribers, and my investors*. Then it's over and I will be retired from the business of trading stocks and options, but not until I left all of the above with a smile in their bank accounts. 

Well, that's the plan. 

Allan Harris 
Developer, Head Writer and Chief Strategist
AllanTrends Blue Line Trading Service


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