Crypto Miners

BTC - YTD Trend Model Buy/Sell Signals

What is a stock option trading service doing featuring Bitcoin? Our goal is always seeking outsized percentage returns on short, intermediate and/or long term option trades. There are no options on Bitcoin, but there are stocks that trade in sync with Bitcoin and a couple of those stocks in particular that are out-returning Bitcoin on share price alone, let alone significantly higher returns being generated by their respective options. 

RIOT and MARA are crypto miners and each has risen over 300% year-to-date (with Bitcoin up 75% during same time frame). That's not an option return, it is the underlying stock return.  Option returns, as you can see in the examples below, have been significantly higher.  

RIOT - YTD with Trend Model Buy/Sell Signals


RIOT Jun 16 $3.00C

Note: Volume spike on January 4th

MARA - YTD with Trend Model Buy/Sells

MARA Jun 2023 $5.00C

Note: Cluster of volume spikes first two weeks of January

Both RIOT and MARA are currently on Trend Model Sells, making this not an ideal time to initiate long positions and probably a tad late to buy puts. With spikes like we have seen both up and down, these are prime candidates for intermediate term option trading. That Crypto is global and independent from equity markets adds to the attractiveness of trading options on these miners. Look for a new trade when our models provide fresh entries. 

Blue Line Trading System is just that, a trading system created to maximize returns generated by short-intermediate-long term moves in underlying stocks and indices, based on pattern recognition and trend following trading principles. This past weekend we identified three areas that are setting up for immediate signals, including these two crypto miners as well as TSLA and VIX. Although we expect a market debacle before the October-November cycle lows, none of the new trades that are now setting up requires a, "big picture," market moving event to generate exceptional returns in the underlying options. One, two, or all three are likely to ring the bell with or without a major move in the stock market, while if there is one, than at least one of three is looking at an exceptional, 'trade of the year," type return in a matter of weeks, with a second add-on trade likely following right behind.