Chart of The Month

Here are the first quarter Trades from 2022 for both the Blue Line Premium and Blue Line PRO Trading Services. I'm not boasting, I'm warning: 2023 is starting out in a more bearish trading pattern than 2022, i.e., a Wave 3 down at multiple degrees of trend. These returns will pale in comparison to what's coming. 

Blue Line Premium Service - 1st Qtr 2022



Blue Line PRO Service - 1st Qtr 2022


 From Weekend Update (Blue Line Premium Service) Jan 8, 2022:

"If IWM does not breach this key level in the next few weeks, we will reassess, but for now IWM 210 is our call to arms that something massive on the downside is imminent and in fact had already started. It's in the chart and will manifest in the anticipated price action; an opportunity for exponential returns in index puts."

Three weeks later, the IWM Feb 18th $210P bought on Jan 5th was up over 600%.

IWM - First trade of 2022


January 2023 - Chart Of The Month

We will be going long volatility calls in both PRO and Premium Trading Services in the days ahead - looking for a 300%- 600% gain, minimum, from another early January trade.  


To all who are reading this, I wish you and yours the very best wishes for a wonderful new year, and hoping you will make the best of the opportunities that it brings.  

Allan Harris
Developer, Chief Strategist and Head Writer, 
Blue Line Trading System