Trade of The Week (Last Week)

Sometimes the value of an option trading service, whether ours or any other, is just to give you an excuse to get in the game. Our trades are designed to have some brains beyond just getting in the game, i.e., a higher likelihood of success than failure based upon a proven systematic approach to option trading. But sometimes it's just a matter of being in the right stock and the right option at the right time. We bought AMGN calls on Wednesday because of a Buy Signal generated on the breakout of the channel you see on the chart below. Then on Friday, an hour before the close, The United States District Court for the District of New Jersey decided to add $7 billion to Amgen's market cap: Amgen v. Sandoz Enbrel Opinion.  Thank you very much. 
Wednesday August 7th 10:43 AM:
Buy Signal: AMGN
Buy to Open: Aug 30th $182.50C (around $5.00) 
Friday, August 9th close:
Bid $13.30 -  Ask $14.80 
PS: We are still Long OSTKGLD, GDX and GBTC from AllAllan Alerts sent out in the past few months. Click here for an archive.