Blue Line Trading - Open Trades

Here is a summary of all currently open trades for Blue Line Trading, The trades in black are from our Premium Service, the trades in red are from our PRO Service which includes a Premium subscription. For PRO subscribers taking all trades in both services, this is a summary of all open trades, with one exception. If utilizing the recommended trailing stop, any trade that dropped 50% in value would be exited. There is one glaring example on the table:

Open Option Trades

Noteworthy is the prominence of TSLA calls in our trading system. We trade TSLA aggressively, especially on the upside, and for good reason. Half my subscribers, maybe more, subscribe solely for the TSLA trades.  In 2020-2021 we changed lives with our TSLA trades and its no secret, just look at the table, that we are doing it again. 

Nonetheless, other opportunities are out there. This weekend I sent out a set of charts that suggest one such opportunity beckons. I expect the PRO Service will be into the new trade by the end of next week, the Premium Service, which is a little more conservative with its entries, soon thereafter. By the time I share the new trades with this free weekly AllAllan update, I expect the new trade will be one of the top two or three on this list. Worst case, -50%, best case, +1000%.  I like those odds. 

Chart of the Week - Bitcoin