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In this shameless Black Friday marketing shout-out, the very best Blue Line PRO offer we have ever made: Instead of the usual 30 days at half price, we are offering 90 days at half price. This coincides with what will be the most dynamic 90 days in the market since last 4th quarter's 18% two-month decline. Here's the thing: Even the market continues higher, our trades will flourish, after all we are a trend following service.  Strong trend higher = make money with stock options. Another debacle lower = make insane money with stock options. All that is needed is a reason, a spark, a push to take the trades. Enter: Blue Line Trading. 

Interim Alert: IWM - October 8, 2018

The chart below updates this chart through the end of last year.

We are there again, only this time its 2019 and the market averages have not yet broken down. We are monitoring the indices on multi time level channels and when they break, one by one, the green flag goes down and we will be piling on the short side.

Our system sell signals won't kick in until mid-way through the first leg down, but by then we will have already positioned ourselves for an explosive move up in volatility (VIX/VXX/UVXY) as well as in puts on select individual stocks that have already entered their own bear markets. Speaking of which, here are our top ten Sell Signals* from the past three months:

*Max price/return represents the highest price the recommended option reached between entry date and expiration and not necessarily the highest profit levels achieved on the individual trades. The number should be used to define what was possible, not what was eventually banked via any one exit strategy.

Even in a market that has been marching to the beat of a bullish drummer to all time highs this past week, there have been many opportunities to the downside. Our top ten Buy Signals are even more impressive, but that would be expected as the market is going up and up and up and we are a trend following service. The PRO service has sent out 90 Buy Signals on individual stocks, indices, and ETF's since Sep 1st...and that doesn't include Repeat Buys. That is exactly what we expect to continue should this rally carry on, but I just don't think it will.

In summary,

(a) I expect a major top in the next 30-45 days;

(b) It will be at least as profitable a shorting opportunity as IWM in October 2018;

(c) If you give Blue Line PRO a trial, 1/2 price for the first 90 days (you can cancel anytime - you don't have to wait 90 days), and I'm right, this will then become the greatest Black Friday score you have ever made; 

(d) Even if I am wrong and there is no top in sight, as you can see above there are other ways to make money in the market;

(e) I sent an email like this out on October 8 2018. What did you then? Knowing now how that turned out, if you had it to do over again what would you do?

90 Days Blue Line PRO At 1/2 Price: Use Coupon Code: GOPRO@50%


Allan Harris
Developer, Chief Analyst and Head Writer
Blue Line Trading System





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