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Re-Post from Blue Line Premium Service, Nov 22, 2022

Does anyone remember what happened the week after Thanksgiving last year? Maybe this will refresh memories:



DJIA Thanksgiving 2022 - Double Top? 


 Trade Management & Strategy

Last year's move started Black Friday and lasted into the middle of the following week. Be ready for a repeat and if it begins I'll be posting Special Alerts to both services as it unfolds. Standing-by starting tomorrow's session (Nov 23). 


Re-Post from Blue Line PRO Service, Nov 23, 2022

It will be easy to ignore the market over the next few days, but remember that Thanksgiving is an American holiday and that global financial markets, including Bitcoin, are up and running business as usual. Bitcoin has lost $1.4 Trillion in value in 2022, a precursor to what is waiting around the corner for our own equity markets. With the Dow only about 7-8% off of its all time high, there is still a lot of risk under current levels. Note on the chart below of the Nasdaq 100 index how the percentage of stocks above the 200 DMA is the same as it was in April, but now with Nasdaq in a deep dive well below its 200 DMA. These divergences matter. Starting Monday (or worse yet, Friday) the next three weeks are a "high alert" time frame for a new broad based leg down in equities, which should also be accompanied by a vertical spike in volatility. 

Another Chart, Another Warning