Best Wishes for A Happy Holiday Season.....and a "little more"


I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of my readers best wishes for a happy holiday season. We meet here weekly because we all have a passion of varying degree for the stock market, but this time of year is also a good time to step back and appreciate that part of our lives that is more than just money. 

Now, with that said, back to: Making Money in the Stock Market

It's been a crazy two months and it is only the beginning of more to come in the first quarter of 2019. Below is my subscription service's performance table for November and December trades. These are the real time trades sent out to subscribers of Blue Line Trading's Standard Service over the past two months.

I'm expecting that January-February trading will  be more of the same as we are at the beginning of the bear market event of our lifetimes. Look at my YouTube videos for the past two months, I've been saying this all along and it's not close to over.

This is an opportune time to subscribe to Blue Line Trading, not just for the trading gains, but because come January 1st we will be raising our subscription fees . We have proven ourselves and it's time to value our service more in line with the value of our advice. New fees kick in on after midnight, December 31st. 

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Once again, Best Holiday Wishes, and even if you don't sign up, please continue to read my free weekly AllAllan missives, and don't forget to watch my videos as I've finally mastered QuickTime Player. 

Best to all,



Blue Line Trading Performance: November-December