BA: Follow-Up & QQQ Teaser

Last weekend's post suggested BA heading lower, giving alternative triggers for action - link to post. Both key levels were hit as BA had a bad week, dropping from 215 to 205 with an intraday low of 198.32 on Thursday. 

What's next?

BA - Daily Trend Model 

Initial target is the Oct 2023 low of $176.25, a test of which can be seen in the coming weeks. A more speculative price target is the Fibonacci extension levels that lay below last October's lows, between $150 and $100, in a longer term five wave impulse leg bottoming sometime later this year. Out-of-the-money puts expiring in the second and then third quarter have huge potential.  

Blue Line Trading System  

We started out in January 2010 and are still here, finding option trades for subscribers that offer big time returns with limited losses. Some option traders just need ideas, and one, two or three good ideas a year are all that are necessary to justify the cost of a subscriptions ($99/mo for Premium Service- $249/mo for PRO Service). For new subscribers, we offer a 50% discount for the first month of new subscriptions, which makes this even a sweeter idea, albeit not as sweet as this free BA trade may become, discount or not.  

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 Teaser: A difficult or tricky question or task  

QQQ is setting up for a massive top that will result in a 50% haircut in this Nasdaq 100 ETF before the carnage is over. Divergences across indices coupled with the current positioning of the Fear & Greed Index is a powerful combination indicator for a market crash. We have our triggers and are ready to pounce, currently going out to March monthly expiration for short-term traders. Want to pay cash for your new Cybertruck? Don't miss this next move.