Annual Subscription Discount

Blue Line Trading is offering a 25% Discount for all annual subscriptions. 

We have already made this offer to current subscribers and with this post are passing on the offer to any new subscribers. This is on top of the two-week free trial for new subscribers. 

Here's the deal: We post to the Free Market Blog with two objectives:

(1) To share content with all, content that will stand on its own as valuable, whether you are trader or not;

(2) To sell subscriptions to our trading services. 

We are convinced that you can make money trading any of our three services, if we didn't we would neither be trading our own accounts with the systems, nor trying to sell them to the trading public. We hit home runs, we hit singles, we strike out. If we hit .400 we would be winning the batting crown every year. We hit a lot higher than that. 

Two week free trial for a box seat right here and if you like us, a season ticket for 25% off. 

Hot dogs optional.

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