Two Mega Themes: Trades Pending

It is no coincidence that our top option trade of the past three years was a long term trade up +12,538% on TSLA calls (2019-2021), followed with multiple shorter-term 4,000%+ trades in VXX calls throughout 2020-2021. Many of these were documented in YouTube videos and All-Allan Updates

One of the things we do well is catch onto to mega trends and hold on for mega option returns.  For the year 2023, both factors are cycling in our favor, as the market is on the precipice of huge move lower and TSLA is one flash crash away from another "pounding the table," Buy Signal for 2025 Calls. There is no guarantee on either of these forecasts panning out, but much like the Supreme Court's view on pornography, in either case we will know it when we see it.  

TSLA Long Term

IWM Intermediate Term