Blue Line Trading Services: Current Open Trades


These are the five trades we currently have open between the Premium and PRO trading services. In the time it took me to put this together, the ADSK trade deteriorated to -44%. On the other hand the TSLA calls are back at +175%. There are two MU trades listed because they occurred on different dates, with the August 19th Buy Signal generated in the Intermediate Term Service (Blue Line Premium) and the September 10th Buy Signal generated in the Short-Term Service (Blue Line PRO). 

This is definitely not a recommendation to take any of these trades now, nor a guarantee that all our trades will perform this well. But it does give a snapshot of what we are holding in the portfolios at any one time, the analysis of each trade provided to the members of the service and how we manage each trade. 

A system FAQ with the usual disclaimers is linked here: FAQ