Short-Term Trading


Due to popular demand I'm bringing back the intraday charting signals for those who are looking for a little more robust trading experience. It's a minor increase in subscription costs, but its also a not so minor increase in my time finding and sending out the signals. In the end, a win-win for all of us.

Below is a video of what I am talking about. This is a trade that I took myself, but since there was no "Premium" service at the time, it can't be considered a trade we took as a service. Next time for sure. 

Below the video is an explanation of how the service was born and a brief description of how it will work. 

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New Short-Term Service

Unintended Consequences

Posting the 180 minute IWM chart on Thursday has had some unintended consequences. Back in the day we offered two services, one based upon intermediate term trades that lasted from weeks to months ("Blue Line Classic") and one based upon shorter-term trades that lasted from days to weeks ("Blue Line Prime") For the short-term service we used 180 minute charts, the same as Thursday's IWM chart. The service traded more often and required a little more attention from both you, the subscriber, and me, the provider. 

The posting of that chart brought out many inquiries, almost all from those past subscribers of the Prime short-term service, asking why I don't offer that service anymore? Because I thought the new service would generate enough trades to compensate for the short-term trades we were passing on and I could offer the new service at a greatly reduced price. 

But as you saw with the IWM chart, saving a little money on a subscription pales in comparison to the money that could be made by earlier entries and paying a little more attention to your email box. 

So let's give it a try, and resurrect a more proactive, "Premium" shorter term service alternative. Those who were Prime subscribers before know what to expect: Two trading windows a day the new trading signals can be generated and sent out, one after the open and one before the close. There will also be an occasional mid-session trade if I see on an hourly or two hourly chart with a very attractive trade set-up. There will be a stop associated with each trade as shorter-term we just cannot trade without stops. 

The "Standard" $59/mo ($599/yr) service will continue as usual, with one change: The daily updates will go our BEFORE the open each day to account for overseas trading. 

The new short-term service will be priced at $99/mo ($999/yr) and includes the current intermediate term system trading signals, plus additional trades based upon shorter-term charts (examples below), intraday alerts if needed and access to me during the trading sessions (via my personal email address) for specific trade-related questions. When you sign up for this expanded service I'll be sending you out an email with a few other particulars about how I've been trading these shorter-term charts. 


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