A Time To Trade

The market is being flooded by new option traders, a generation, maybe two, who are now staying at home and glued to a screen, be it a television screen, a computer screen or a phone screen and in most cases, all of the above.  A good many of these idle eyeballs are focused on the stock market, an army of new warriors, option and bitcoin warriors, whose new found vocation is addictive and opening a door of opportunity for those of us who have been around long enough to actually know what we are doing. 

One prominent example of this phenomenon is Robinhooda new kind of trading platform. It resides on your smartphone and allows you to buy or sell stocks and/or options/and or bitcoin with a swipe. Voila, you are now holding calls of Palantir (PLTR), or NIO, or TSLA, all of which we have been trading in our services, and as shown below, quite profitably. 

Our service provides a way to uncover these opportunities with a unique pattern recognition algorithm that although not completely perfect, is perfect enough to jump into these runners early enough to ride the waves to some impressive returns. The table below contains all of our Premium Service's current intermediate term trades, winners and losers. Our PRO Service, trades, triggered by shorter term patterns, is even better. Note that IT ONLY TAKES A FEW STELLAR TRADES to clean-up, rendering the losers nothing more than a small cost of doing business. 

So here's the deal: We have been offering 1/2 off the first month for most of 2020. That deal goes off the table at the end of December. Look at those gains, why the heck should we be offering a discount at all? If you have ever been tempted to join, now is the time. For as little as $50 ($125 for the PRO Service), you get the rest of our trades in 2020, after which our 1/2 price offer ends. As a bonus, we will soon be unveiling our 2021 Stock of The Year. Why is that such a big deal? Last year it was TSLA. 

Intermediate Term Trade Table - Open Trades