Special Situation


I'm sharing this Special Situation sent to my Premium subscribers mid-session today for two primary reasons:

(1) To give some actionable content to readers other than solicitations to subscribe to one of my two paid services (Premium & PRO). Thanks for reading, or at least not unsubscribing, and,

(2) To give an example of what you can make by being a paid real time subscriber. OSTK is up about 5% since I sent this out earlier today, and the recommended Sep $15 call is up 25% from time this alert went out. 

Buy recommendation: OSTK and/or its Sep $15 calls.


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Blue Line Premium Trade Alert: Special Situation

One of the benefits of the Premium Service is the occasional Special Situation stock that doesn't fit into any option trading category. GBTC is an example. Today I'm adding Overstock (OSTK) as it is up over 20% in two days. The company is part retail, part cybercurrency and part maverick CEO (Patrick Byrne). The OSTK story has been that Byrne is looking to sell the retail division (valued at about $15/share) and focus entirely on burgeoning cybercurrency sector. Whatever the reason it is moving up fast. If you buy the stock (or a Sep $15 call at about $4.00) use a 30% trailing stop if the situation ends up not being so special after all.