2024 Stock of The Year


Generational Phenomenon

That is what Blue Line Trading System described in late 2019 as the global transformation of personal transportation, led by Tesla (TSLA), to all electric vehicles. It is now four years down that road and the future of the company and its shares have never been brighter. For option traders in particular, looking "to get rich," no better opportunity exists as we coast into 2024 on the tailwinds of a historical shift to electric power, in fact, a generational phenomenon unfolding in our lifetimes. 

Below is a sampling of how we have been trading TSLA and how 2024-2026 will shift the entire process into high gear, a third of a third wave higher, with exponential returns in back to back to back years. Our stock of the year, decade and lifetime remains TSLA. Enjoy the ride. 

Lessons From Trades Not Taken

Continuation Spheres 

TSLA Trading System

TSLA Buy Signals 

TSLA Trade Management

 Wave (3) of 3 (Circle) coincides with Cybertruck launch to full production and those massive option gains in Wave 1 (Circle) Up will pale in comparison to what's coming in this third of a third, "a wonder to behold."