2022 Stock Of The Year

The last time Tesla was named my Stock of The Year we bought the Jan 2021 $84 (split-adjusted) call. It went up over 100X by expiration. 

Over the weekend I sent out my 2022 Stock Of The Year write-up. That it is again TSLA should be of no surprise to anyone familiar with my work. This special update for subscribers goes into detail as to why and how we intend to participate in Tesla's exponential growth in the months and years ahead. I can't guarantee that the option will return another 10,495%...but what if it does? 

Tesla has become one of our main trading vehicles for LEAPS, short and intermediate term options, and shares. There isn't a single stock we watch more closely, or that we have nailed as well with our trend following trading model. If it weren't for two other insane trading opportunities we follow, TSLA would be the only trend model I trade. After four decades of option trading, TSLA taught me it's not quantity, it's quality that matters when it comes to successful option trading.

Fortunately, as shown above, the lesson was well worth the wait. 

Blue Line Trading: Intermediate Term Option Trading.

Blue Line Trading: Short-Term Option Trading.


TSLA Long Term (Weekly) Trend Projection