The 12 Months of TSLA

The 12 Months of TSLA

The up arrows on the TSLA chart below signify entry signals from at least one and often times both of the Blue Line Trading trend models, Intermediate Term from the Premium Service and Short-Term from the PRO Service. I've excluded duplicate signals, i.e., within a few days of each other, so as not to overwhelm the price line with up arrows. But for the Covid-led bear market in Feb-Mar, all but a few of these signals generated massive option returns. Looking back from TSLA's Friday close of $407.34, 100% of these signals purchased TSLA shares at lower prices than Friday's close, most at much lower prices.

The average price paid combining all of the arrows is $176.03, meaning that dollar cost averaging all the way up, putting the same amount of money into each purchase, has resulted in a gain of 131.40%. This pales in comparison to some of the TSLA option trades, but it also eliminates the times that calls expired worthless. Still, even taking those ill-timed option trades into consideration, the option returns for our call recommendations are simply obscene. The Dec 9, 2019 "Game Changer" call recommendation, the Jan 2021 $84C (split adjusted) is up 4,390% and has been as high as +5422%. 

You get the point. Whether by luck, or skill, or a combination thereof, we (meaning all who are reading or writing this Weekend Update), have come upon what has been and in all likelihood will continue to be the greatest trading/investing opportunity of our lives (hyperbole intended). Read this description of Tesla Energy by Elon Musk, linked directly below, very carefully and follow it up by viewing the short video (10 minutes) linked below the article.  Consider the fact that most if not all of the value of Tesla Energy has yet to be incorporated into the stock price. In a year or so I'll be posting a similar chart to the one above, only next year's price rise will begin to reflect Tesla Energy, just like the past 12 months' price rise has almost solely about the growth and now global domination in the electric vehicle industry. So much more to come. 

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