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Our Real Time, Real Money Posts:  March 2020 

Repeat Signal

By Blue Line Trading on Mar 11, 2020 13:30 pm

These are repeat signals pending the first hour of trading.

"Repeat," means the stock is already on a Sell and the position may be still open. If for any reason the position has been exited, it is an opportunity to enter a new trade, or rollover into a new strike/expiration.  

"Pending first hour of trading," means indicated price threshold is met as of the bottom of the hour (close of hourly price bar), any hour, during the trading session. Early entry is discretionary.   

Repeat Buy Signal: VXX (above $36)

Option: Mar 20th $38C or Mar 27th $40C




By Blue Line Trading on Mar 05, 2020

The Intermediate Term Option Portfolio is still Long the VXX Mar $15C from February 21st entry at $1.25. That call is trading today at $10.50. VXX has now triggered a Repeat Buy Signal in this trading model, which goes along with that Feb 21st Buy, the Weekly Stochastic Buy and earlier this morning a new Short-Term Buy in the PRO Service. The numerous Buy Signals may or may not have any statistical significance suggesting a larger or more sustained move higher, but, this new Buy does provide a reason to cash out of the $15C and move up to a higher strike if so inclined. Here is the trade:

(Repeat) Intermediate Term Buy Signal: VXX

Option: Mar 20th $28C (1.45-1.50)


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