Weekend Update: Four-to-Seven Days In December


Seven Days In May

"U.S. President Jordan Lyman (Fredric March) hopes to bring an end to the Cold War by signing a nuclear disarmament treaty with the Soviets, much to the displeasure of the hawkish General James Scott (Burt Lancaster), Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. When Scott's aide, Martin "Jiggs" Casey (Kirk Douglas) stumbles on shattering evidence that the General is plotting a coup to overthrow Lyman in seven days, "Jiggs" alerts the President, setting off a dangerous race to thwart the takeover." 

Four Days In December

In our version, over the course of a semi-long Christmas weekend and the days into and out of same, the fate of the financial markets tenuously hangs in the throes of political and economic disarray. A half-day session on Monday (that might be fun) rudely interrupts what otherwise would have been a four-day break from the madness, from the volatility and the tension, from the down-up-down market sessions that this week has drawn all of our attention, and scrutiny, akin to watching a car wreck in slow-motion, except the motion was anything but slow. 

Next week could be crazy, especially the three days post Christmas, or it can revert to the usual holiday blandness of light volume and even lighter price movement. We will be back Monday with an interim review of the action, or inaction, whatever the case may be. If it is the latter, it might be Wednesday before the resumption of our narration, daily updates and special alerts. 

Warmest holiday wishes to all of our subscribers,

from all of us at Blue Line Trading. 


Trading Table At December Expiration