Weekend Update: Spare Change?

It's been a calm week with one exception: Bitcoin and GBTC. The latter generated a Buy Signal on Tuesday and is up 15% in three days. Yes, it is a mania, but the question is whether we are at the beginning, the middle or the end? The odds are evenly spread out, which suggests the odds are two out of three that there is more to go on the upside.

I opened my Bitcoin account (Coinbase.com) in early August when Bitcoin was about $3K.  Not knowing what it was I was buying, I made a rather conservative bet. Bitcoin is priced at over $7K this weekend and I still am not sure what it is I own, or how to use it. Apparently there is an app that can be used to pay at Starbucks, but nothing about the tip jar. 

As for GBTC, since I bought the Bitcoin GBTC  it has run up from about $400 to just shy of $1,000. ETF's I understand. 

Back to traditional stocks on Monday.