Wednesday Update: Fortuitous?


Fortuitous or not, I have to leave the office today before the Fed can manipulate and confuse the market. It will all be over by the close and we will have two "normal" trading days before the Christmas break. 

I'm posting the updated trading table below. The numbers look very good, but remember those returns were the "Best" the designated option performed, not necessarily what the trade made. If you are taking a quick 50% on each trade, anything over that is meaningless, unless as suggested you kept at least a small portion on after taking profits. Then those higher numbers are no so meaningless. For what it's worth, the "Average Best Gain" for December (so far) is +150.72%. 

There are 18 December positions that will be coming off of the board on Friday and there are three alternative actions that can be taken:

(1) Exit all December positions then put that cash on the sidelines awaiting new signals;

(2) Rollover all December positions to January at-the-money positions;

(3) A hybrid of (1) and (2) above. This is my choice, but it will be different for each of you based upon what December options are in your account. Trends in place have a tendency to remain in place, but they also go sideways and even flip on occasion. 

This is not brain surgery, so err on the side of keeping things simple and less stressful going into the holiday season. Whichever way the market goes in the next few months (and you know where my bias is) there will be more signals and more opportunities coming our way. Even consider taking two weeks off, especially after coming off the performance of the December trades. We will be posting as usual, or maybe a little less than usual, but If anything dramatic happens, we'll put new Alerts on the site and in your email box, ASAP. 

 Standard Service Trading Table