Monday's Update: New Sell Signals



New SELL Signals for Tuesday 

These signals  - ALL SELLS - have triggered for entry on Tuesday. This is a clear manifestation of the reversal of trend in the overall intermediate term direction of the market. The problem is the mid-term election. Will it be a wild card that temporarily affects established trends?  Since these are all on the short side of the market, consider easing into these over the next few days. If you are trading indexes only, there in only one additional trade:  Short EEM* (and/or FXI).

*For any of these that are repeat trades that might be still open, roll-over to December at your discretion. If on the other hand you have already closed out the position as per your profit target, consider the signal a new trade. 

BABA - Dec $145p
BIDU - Dec $185p
LVS - Dec $55p
SQ - Dec $70p
V - Dec $140p
Z - Dec $40p


VXX Straddle 

In light of the above Sell Signals I am holding off one day on the VXX straddle. Check the website tomorrow mid-session. 


From the emails we are receiving about the new level of service, two questions seem to be on the minds of many subscribers I am posting the answers here from all to read.

FAQ #1: Why the new level of "Premium" service?

The new PREMIUM TRADING SERVICE is identical to the old PRIME service that was $249/mo, except its only $99/mo.  If you are interested in giving it a try, click here: Sign-Up Premium Service.  

FAQ #2: Why the reduction in prices?

We reduced prices because this was never about the money. Our mission was It was to help people make money in the stock market. These two price points all us to help more people and still get some compensation for our time, and it does take time to manage system, the alerts and the business. 

Real Time Access To Updates

There is a delay between the posting of alerts and the sending of emails, especially for the end of day standard alerts for the standard service. But all alerts can be read REAL TIME as they are posted on the web site pages for the two services. You can always read the lasted posted alert at the website without waiting for the email to get delivered. Keep in mind time is seldom of the essence in these trades, but sometimes it is nice to access trade ideas before the close instead of the next morning.