Tuesday Update: Upgraded Trading Table


Market Note: Taking out today's lows will be the first indication that the counter-trend rally from Dec 26th has ended. Taking out the January 3rd lows will be endgame. 


Upgraded Performance Table

The summary of open trades Trades Table now includes current real time pricing and returns for all positions. There is no better way to emphasize the importance of even minimal trade management than to look to the table below and to compare columns I & J (Current Price and Current Return) to columns K & L (Best Price and Best Return). The former is how each trade is performing from a "Buy & Hold" strategy, and the latter provides a point of reference for various levels where profits could have been taken.

Trade after trade supports the concept of profit taking at designated price levels. A particularly striking illustration is in row 19, the November 12 IBB Sell Signal. The puts reached a high return of 390% on December 24, but if still held today would be at a 44% loss. This pattern is seen all across both open and closed trades. All of the recommended options in the current open trades (Jan/Feb expiration) have been up over 100% at some point after being triggered; "100% have been up 100%"

The four columns speak for themselves, so please review them across the board of open trades. In addition, there are over 100 closed trades that illustrate the same profit taking advantage. That's a whole lot of trades that all point to the same modus operandi for making the most of this trading system.