Tuesday Update:Trades Table Explained

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Since the heart and soul of the trading system are the Trade Tables, I want to use this update to cover the numbers on the table, column by column. If you are having any trouble viewing the table (or charts) click the Read in Browser link below and you will be taken to the home page version of this post which gives you the ability to download and/or open the images in larger formats. 




A: Trading model.

B: Warning cell - if yellow, price is close to its reversal price.

C: Current Long or Short signal.

D: Date of signal.

E: Entry price.

F: Current price.

(Yes, I know some, if not most of these are self-explanatory, bear with me.)

G: Price reversal level (close of day price). 

H: Interim signal-to-signal return.

I: Recommended ETF or Option, plus Special Situation notes.

J: Recommended trade option, or profit taking exit price. 

K: Option entry price.

L: Current option price.*

M: Trailing profit price level - if option price touches and/or goes through that level, exit options.

N: Maximum option price level since trade entry.

O: Option return since trade entry. If the option has been stopped out per the profit taking rules, the indicated return becomes static, based on the profit taking exit price. 

Q: Symbol repeated. 

R: Internal code that grabs option price (20 minutes delayed*); 

*We are looking for an open online source for option data that would allow us to access and grab real time option pricing via a custom API code. 

S: Maximum percentage gain on option, based upon column N price and is the price on which the trailing stop is based.

Special Situations

These models are not as systematically traded as the above models, and also serves as a category where I will put re-entry trades (GLD) as well as Wave 5 Buy and Sell Signals. 



We are headed into a three-day holiday weekend which would under normal conditions be a time for the markets to get quiet. Geopolitical events are not being so cooperative, and this time it may be different. 

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