Tuesday Update: New Website Features

Growing pains. Sorry for the administrative email annoyance, but its all part of our new migration into a more professional web site with increased functionality and streamlined subscription management. Yesterday should be the end that sort of thing. 
The Shape of Things to Come
     Behind the scenes we are getting close to our grand opening of the new Blue Line Trading website. Thanks to all for your kind patience with this changeover (as though you have a choice). The site will be highly automated with updated Alerts, Updates, Charts, Tables and Videos created by yours truly that will serve as both tutorials and special updates on our trading. 
How Long Can This Go On? 
     I put a short video together for the new site, and want to share it here first. So far there is no stopping this bull market, but there is a pattern to look for that will offer up a bearish scenario. We will be monitoring it with our DJIA trading model, which will provide a shot across the bow should the pattern unfold as is shown in this video.
     As you can see in the trading tables below, we are overweighted on the Long side of the market. In fact, the only bearish model is the Special Situation AVXL, and even it has been correctly Short since early July. If and when these models start reversing Short, I will address the issues set out in the video in these updates. For now, there is nothing to do but sit on our hands, monitor the new trailing profit stops, and wait.
     f you are not already in these trades, or are a new subscriber, the issue is whether or not to get into these trades now or wait for the next trading signals, which will all be Sells. The average option trade is up 82% in the Classic (Intermediate) portfolio and up 91% in the Prime portfolio. We have seen this before and those times have almost always been at the extremes of trends, just before reversals. That argues persuasively for waiting. It also argues very persuasively not hesitating when a signal is generated, Long or Short. 
    Next update Thursday, special Alerts as needed.