Tuesday Update: Special Situation - GBTC

Earnings Alerts

X: Oct 31st (After Close) 
YELP: Nov 1st (After Close) 
BABA: Nov 2nd (Before Open) 
DIS: Nov 9th (After Close)
Alternative Strategies:
High Risk: Hold;
Low Risk: Exit 1/2 before earnings;
No Risk: Exit all. 


GBTC is the Bitcoin ETF and the only (for now) way to own Bitcoin in your brokerage account. While Bitcoin has been running to new highs above $6,200, GBTC has stagnated. We have a Buy level at $740 and GBTC has this morning run well above that level, up to $790. If it holds above $740 into the close, we have a Buy Signal. Being that it is up close to $80 today, that Buy is likely. With a normal stock waiting for a retracement is a reasonable strategy, but Bitcoin (and this derivative) are not a reasonable anything. For speculation only.


Today's Trading Tables will be posted later this afternoon.