Tuesday Special Alert: New Trades Pending


The following trades are pending, subject only to the stocks closing below the indicated levels:

AAPL below $153 (Beware, earnings out on 1/29) 
Option: March 15th $150p 
BIDU below $167 (currently at $161, so very likely to be confirmed at the close) 
Option: March 15th $155p
MMM below $191
Option: March 15th $190p
X below $20.50 (Beware, earnings out 1/30) 
Option: March 15th $20p
TLT (Buy Signal) above $120.55
Option March 15th $120c

Blue Line Trading YouTube Channel - Trade of the Week

For subscribers, if you haven't already rolled over into the SPY Mar $265 Puts, this is a good time to do so. However, based upon today's action (mid-day), I would move out-of-the-money to the March 15th $260 Puts (trading at about $5.50). If a new leg down is starting, which is the premise of the video, it doesn't matter what SPY puts you are holding, so long as you are holding SPY puts.