Thursday Update: YELP & DIS

It's been awhile since we have had a new stock trade. GLD reversed Long on September 27th, but of our six individual stocks, only AAPL has triggered in the past two months. That is a little long in the tooth for this intermediate term system, but, it is also a time to be on guard for new signals in the near future.


YELP in particular is edging lower and close to its reversal SHORT threshold at $42.53.  That's a little over 2% lower from current price of $43.75. Any moderate weakness in the overall market, or the social media sector, could cause YELP to reverse into a downtrend. There is a gap that needs filling from early August in the mid-30's. 


DIS appears to have ended its counter-trend bounce and has turned back down. Our re-entery into the Dec $100p has turned positive and there is a lot of time left on these options to generate an excellent return. The Wave 5 Sell Signal in the chart below is targeting the mid-80's for the next leg down. 


Trading Positions