Thursday Update: Quick Hits



The UNH Sell Signal from yesterday has already reached its initial +35% profit target on the June $230 Puts as they reached +41% in the first hour of trading today. Try to hold some of position for further gains. If UNH tests the April lows at $210, those puts, currently at $8.80 can see $20+ before June expiration. The CSCO Buy from yesterday has not fared nearly as well as the UNH trade, but it is still early in the pattern.  


Not so fortunate were the TLT June $122 Puts that hit -75% today, as did the SQ May $75 calls that were stopped out after the stock got decimated today by that old nemesis, earnings. Being Short TLT is the same as being Long interest rates, which I believe will be a good trade over the summer. 


The short term service shorted Gold yesterday and was rewarded with a +65% win right out of the gate this morning. Gold looks to have put in an Intermediate Term top and I will be looking for Short Intermediated Term signals in the days and weeks ahead.