Thursday Update: Option Rollovers

Earlier today I sent out an option rollover alert to short-term system subscribers for their shorter-term positions that were expiring in April. This will cover the Intermediate and Special Situation signals that also expire in April. 

As a general rule for intermediate term positions I like to go out 3-4 months for option expirations.  However in times of higher volatility, as we are seeing now, my preference is closer-in expirations so as not to overpay for time premium. Accordingly, June is looking more attractive for the April rollovers. Here is the list of April expirations that should be implemented over the next week: 

SPY Apr $275p-----> Jun $264p
GLD Apr $128c ----> Jun $126c
BABA Apr $180p -----> Jun $175p
AMGN Apr $180p -----> Jun $170p
VXX Apr $45c -----> May $50c 


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