Thursday Update: Buy STX


New Buy Signal: STX ($48.25)

Option: May 17th $50 Call

Storage Technology (STX) triggered a buy today and is targeting low-to-mid 50's, minimum. It topped out in April 2018 at $61 and then fell to $35 by the December 27th lows. There were several sell signals on the way down, but STX wasn't in the portfolio last year so we missed them. Needless to say, the drop to $35 would have generated significant gains. It looks like a very tradable stock. 


Biotechnology Update

On the Biotechnology front, NVTA and VCYT are making new highs just about every day, while NSTG and CRSP are going the wrong way. Biogen (BIIB) is down 30% today on the failure of its Alzheimers drug which may be dragging down the whole sector...except NVTA and VCYT, suggesting those two have mind of their own, or it could be that a larger biotech is accumulating shares in one or both (Biogen?). 

I'll post the table of trades in the weekend update.